About Sean Fahey

Sean Fahey

As Founding Member and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Claren Road Asset Management, LLC, Sean Fahey is responsible for overseeing all of the firm’s risk takers. Prior to founding Claren Road in 2005, he worked for Salomon Brothers/Citigroup for more than 10 years. Sean Fahey credits much of his professional success to the outstanding education he received; in support of the academic programs from which he benefited, he has become a major financial donor to the North Carolina School of Science and Math, his high school.

Upon graduating from Duke University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Sean Fahey accepted a position working for Salomon Brothers, working for two years in the Liability Management Group. He subsequently joined the Salomon Sales and Trading training program, which prepared him for trading United States corporate bonds. Later, Mr. Fahey became a Managing Director and Head of Global Emerging Markets External Debt Trading at Citigroup. In this capacity, he managed a $2 billion global trading position and was responsible for a team of 15 professionals based in major cities around the world.

Prior to attending Duke University, Sean Fahey attended high school at the North Carolina School of Science and Math (NCSSM), a public boarding school where North Carolina juniors and seniors study an in-depth mathematics and science curriculum. His outstanding academic performance at NCSSM earned him a full mathematics scholarship to Duke. In recognition of his positive high school experience, he has been an ongoing financial supporter of NCSSM, having recently donated a substantial gift focused on founding the NCSSM Challenge Endowment. The Challenge Endowment supports the school’s challenge gift programs targeted toward currently enrolled students.


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